OT Apps


All About Shapes: This an excellent app for learning app for learning about shapes, puzzles, matching colours and tracing purpose. It helps to develop spatial visualisation, form perception and visual perceptual skills among toddlers and young children. It helps the child to learn about thirteen shapes and brainstorming activities. It enhances child’s recognition and observations skills and starts learning to associate shapes with external world such as shapes of table, door. It improves fine motor skills, visual discrimination and eye-hand coordination skills. It also supports in developing analytical skills.


SleepSoft LLC: Sleep machine is an app which designed to reduce surrounding noise levels while sleeping. It is one of the advanced white noise ambient sound sleep app. It can be very helpful for children having difficulties while sleeping or face auditory hypersensitivity. It helps in modulate child’s arousal levels during the sleep. Children with poor sleep patterns can be provided with this tool as its fun and easy to operate. According to Ayres (1972), poor sleep patterns are due to difficulties in vestibular system processing. Different sounds such as raindrop, beach or the wind can be mixed to create truly natural sounds. This will help in understanding and develop different sounds knowledge and auditory perception. This has the calming effect on children with poor responsivity.


Calm Counter Social Story & Anger Management Tool: This app is a visual and audio tool that helps children calm down when they are angry and anxious. It consists of social stories (useful for Speech and Language Therapists too) about anger and audio/visual tools for calming down. The app has features of screen transitions. It displays red screen with an angry face and number 10. With each step screen transitions to calmer face and colour. It allows male and female 


Whizzy Kids
: This app is designed for pre-schoolers specifically for children between 3-5 years and it offers different games with increasing levels of difficulties.This app helps in developing memory skills, spatial visualisation,and improves auditory sensations.


Choiceworks: This app supports children in self-care activities. It helps in accomplishing the daily task efficiently. This can be a worthy app for teachers where they can create unlimited numbers of boards for different children. It promotes self-independence in distinguished areas such as self-care, emotional regulation at home, school and community as well as reinforces positive behaviour. The boards can be customised depending on child’s feeling, schedules and waiting. The app is visually attractive and speaks out loud with professionally recorded audio.


Sosh App for Individuals with Asperger’s: This app is based on social skill development developed by Dr. Mark Bowers and used by Occupational Therapists to support children with Autism. It is an excellent app which has numerous sensory strategies that may be used for self-regulation such as voice meter, deep breathing, music to calm down. the activities provide wonderful visual, auditory presentation, well-suited to students with Asperger’s. It is extremely purposeful in managing behaviours, developing empathy, thought process, social interaction, and reducing stress levels.


LetterSchool - learn to write letters and numbers: This app helps to learn all letters and numbers. Child learns to develop tracing, writing, discovering shapes and significant skills needed for development of pre-handwriting and handwriting skills.

Other Useful Apps:

Google Drive (free for iOS or Android)
Google Docs (free for iOS or Android)
Google Classroom
Notes (iOS Native app, free)