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I am Aditi Srivastava (Adi), a paediatric occupational therapist (OT) based in London, UK and the founder of Rising Horizons blog, a place where I try to put best of my proficiency skills, efforts, and experience to write evidence-based articles and strategies. This blog is all about supporting, encouraging, educating and reassuring parents, teachers, caregivers and anyone who is raising affectionate and radiant horizon of tomorrow!  

Being an OT, I feel blessed and honored when kids smile and feel contented on an accomplishment of a new task independently.

I am committed to this remarkable profession since 2008 and till date in a learning process to optimise lives of adults and children I work with. I am extremely happy to serve National Health Services (NHS) currently.

I must say OT has carved me to be much innovative, inquisitive, persuasive and a caring person. The best part of this profession is, it teaches to create new activities by “utilising available resources” within the surroundings.
 In a nutshell, I can say OT supports professionals to address and understand a person holistically (mind-body-spirit connection) and work therapeutically to enhance and enrich child’s or adult’s abilities.

I became a mother of an adorable son in 2015. After becoming the mummy, I started seeing things from dual perspectives (as a mother & OT) in my son’s activities and development. 
It is plain-sailing for me to understand his behaviour and developmental progression as this has been part of my training and practice. Being a new mum, I couldn’t resist myself from implementing theoretical concepts of pediatric Occupational Therapy in a practical world in a healthier way, such as understanding child development, milestone achievement, reflex integration, social communication or hand skill development. I developed better thoughtfulness for issues like tethering, sleep deprivation, vaccinations, and feeding.

And believe me, this became a turning point moment!! This was the time when Rising Horizons originated.

Being in a twin role (OT & mum) now, it is less challenging for me to correlate and empathise with children and mothers having similar issues. 
Wholeheartedly, I feel imparting knowledge about kid’s issues, which I know and appreciate, can be a minor contribution to a big society which has influenced so much in making me what I am today!!

I have always been keen to know reasons for anger, aggression, and hostility among kids, which became the basic reason to choose and carry out research on Occupational Therapy Anger Management during my post-graduation degree. Applying practical strategies for controlling anger and aggression among kids can reduce much strain on parents and society. 
Sometimes reasons such as grief within the family, stress, domestic violence, or peer pressure compel's child to come out of his shell and protect himself by using anger or violence as his shield. It is important for us, adults to modify and reflect better behaviours so that children can follow an enhanced and trustworthy example.

I accomplished Sensory Integration certifications from Sensory Integration Network, the United Kingdom in 2013 and a registered practitioner within London, UK.

Through this blog, I intend to educate and suggest parents, caregivers, teachers activities and strategies that may be purposeful and helpful for children but it will be difficult to pledge, that whatever is being recommended by author (me) and the blog will always be successful with every individual. All the information and thoughts presented here should be considered as the suggestion and not “medical prescription” or “medical advice”. Kindly, consult your child’s GP or Occupational Therapist if you find any information (strategy or suggestion) contradictory from known, on this blog before implementing, a child’s parents are the best people to understand his needs.

The author and blog will not stand responsible for any injury, damage or harm caused while following an information provided on this blog.

I will be glad to support you on any child-related queries or suggestions. Please feel free to contact me at email address: rhorizons3@gmail.com.

It will be great to hear from you!!

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