Normal Development of Tactile System

Tactile system starts developing since 5th week of pregnancy, supports child to influence recognise different types of touch sensations as he grows. It has very important on newborn for the rest of his life. Functionally, this system supports in two important aspects, sucking and establishing emotional security.

Sucking: Touch sensations comforts baby in sucking, chewing and swallowing food. Children who have difficulties in sucking, may face challenges in eating different textures of food later in their lives. In other words, they might have oral hypersensitiveness (oral defensiveness). 

It is being often mentioned by mothers of special needs children, “Oh my son is picky eater” or “he doesn’t eat very well”. Signs of oral defensiveness include disliking for tooth brushing, face washing or avoidance of mixed textured food.

Emotional Security: It has major role every newborn’s life since it establishes
expressive protection, trust and acquaintance with mother or caregiver. After delivery, child’s first bodily contact with his mother or caretaker has great influence on child’s body system for rest of his life. 

After contact, the brain should interpret ate the sensations correctly and appropriately in order to form first emotional attachment. Sometimes, it is also called as mother-infant bond. This bond is very essential for physical and mental development of baby. This bonding later helps in developing body image and body awareness. It also provides sense of himself as physical body.